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Aircraft Transport Service can transport a patient from any corner of the globe with as few as one fuel stop— ensuring the patient receives the fastest, best medical care.

Direct Routing.Fewer Fuel Stops.

Our aircraft are outfitted with extended range, a specialized lift, and accommodations for up to 8 passengers in a spacious cabin— along with a full medical team offering the patient the best possible urgent care and comfort available.

Every member of our medical charter flight team has extensive training and experience in critical care, while Aircraft Transport Service pilots have logged an average 14,000 flight hours in the medical aviation field.

24-hour worldwide service.

At ATS, we’ll coordinate every facet of transport with our 24-hour worldwide bedside-to-bedside service— from ground transportation to the receiving health care facility.

Better Patient 
Urgent Care.

All medical records and the patient’s condition are evaluated, alongside hospital and case manager coordination, to allow our team to determine the urgency of travel and calculate the distances and locations to provide a travel plan tailored to the patient’s needs.

Fully ICU equipped flights
State-of-the-art medical equipment and monitoring
Complete bed-to-bed service
In-flight nurses and paramedics
• Stretcher service
Assistance finding a receiving facility
Private door-to-door nurse

fly with the best.

The unique skill set of the team, coupled with outstanding technology and equipment, allows us to deliver emergency care, transport and evacuation services in high-risk zones or disaster areas with minimal notice to carefully get patients home.

Aircraft Transport Service also offers:

Ground transportation
Aeromedical and Evacuation Services
Multi-lingual flight crew and medical staff (upon request)
Highly trained, experienced aero-medical crews
All required medical clearance

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Aircraft Transport Service is a properly licensed Part 135 air carrier and subsidiary of the parent organization, Aircraft Transport Services, Inc.


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