ATS Gains FAA Part 5 SMS Approval with Aviation Safety Solutions Assistance

Goodyear, AZ., May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —Aircraft Transport Service is proud to announce that the company has successfully obtained FAA Part 5 SMS approval under the FAA SMS Voluntary Program. This achievement was possible with assistance from Aviation Safety Solutions, a leading provider in aviation safety management systems, This marks a significant milestone for Aircraft Transport Service, showcasing its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Aviation Safety Solutions played a crucial role in this accomplishment by offering expert guidance through their comprehensive product offerings, including the FAA SMS Workshop, tailored FAA/ICAO SMS Manuals, and a dedicated Safety Assistance Program for implementation.

John Scotto, President of Aircraft Transport Service, emphasized the significance of safety in their operations, stating, “Safety is a paramount part of every decision we make, and I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished. The expertise and support from Aviation Safety Solutions were invaluable in our journey to obtaining FAA Part 5 SMS approval. Their detailed approach and practical training have significantly enhanced our safety management capabilities, setting a new standard within our operations.”

Amanda Ferraro, CEO of Aviation Safety Solutions remarked, “We are thrilled to see Aircraft Transport Service achieve FAA Part 5 SMS approval. This success is a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored workshops and safety programs. Our goal at Aviation Safety Solutions is to empower our clients not only to meet but exceed FAA safety standards, ensuring a safer future for the aviation industry.”

This partnership between Aircraft Transport Service and Aviation Safety Solutions highlights the importance of advanced safety training and resources in achieving rigorous regulatory approvals. Aircraft Transport Service continues to lead the way in safety management and its commitment to the safest operations in the industry.

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About Aircraft Transport Service:

Aircraft Transport Service (“ATS”) is one of the premier Part 135 Aircraft Charter and Management companies in the United States. The company operates several large, long-range Gulfstream aircraft and has worldwide operational authority. Additionally, the company has its own in-house maintenance department. ATS has operated flights for the US Government for more than 5 years with a perfect track record. Additionally, the company provides VIP charter to a variety of customers and offers aircraft management services for aircraft owners.

About Aviation Safety Solutions:

Aviation Safety Solutions, founded in 2013 and led by Amanda Ferraro as CEO, is a globally recognized leader in the application of aviation best practices and standards. Our mission is to provide the aviation industry with unparalleled safety expertise through customized consulting, auditing, training, and development services. With a steadfast commitment to safety training and emergency preparedness, Aviation Safety Solutions prioritizes excellence in safety across the aviation sector.

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