Jet Charter Card Program

ATS offers an outstanding Jet Charter Card program that is tailored to meet the needs of virtually any traveler.  Our Jet Charter Card offers the ultimate in value and flexibility.  Contact one of our sales executives to learn more and to tailor a program to fit your personal needs.

ATS has been providing VIP charter to our clients for more than a decade.  We are certified to the highest safety standard and have flown many celebrities, high net worth individuals and heads of state.  Our Jet Charter Card program is among the best in the industry.

Aircraft Transport Service will not only transport life-saving services, but also supplies cargo transport services as well. We transport:

• Government Officials
• Congressional and Senatorial
• VIP services
• Flight tracking and planning
• Rapid Response
• Emergency and evacuation flights
• Military Aeromedical and Evacuation Services
• Repatriation
• Safe and secure prisoner extradition services
• Ground Transportation
• Easy travel across international borders
• Specialty needs and personal assistance
• Freight and Cargo

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